Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Experience is the best teacher!

Bonjour, Hola and Moshi-moshi!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! The name given is Amirul Ashraf Ruslan and I was born in 15 June 1990 at Kajang Hospital. I am the second child in my family and I was raised by my grandmother since I was three months old. Believe me, being raise not by your parents is totally different. I learned a lot by my own experience. I guarantee that experience is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Throughout my whole life, I watched so many people who do not appreciate their parents. As for me, I will feel so bless if I can get my family back. Yes, being through so many obstacles has taught me the meaning of life. The hardship, difficulties, and hardworking make me realize that to be success in life is not as easy as I expect.

I believe that through this blog I can share many information, knowledge and experience that I have learn for benefit to all of us. I suppose that every step I’m taking in this blog will make the entire readers think, evaluate and listen effectively on certain ideas that I will share with all of you. Besides that, I am hoping that my blog is not just a piece of writing, but also a place for all of the readers to gain new thing that I expert on.

I want to tell to all of you why I choose the title of my blog ‘experience is the best teacher’ is because as we can see, experience is the requirement for all the job opportunities. That is the first thing. Besides that, experience is one of the best ways for us to learn about life. Life is like a circle, sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. Thus, experiences make us realize how easy and how hard life is. Different people have different experience. It will make us differs from others by the level of experience. Therefore, different people have different perception on certain issues. So, I wish that by this entry, at least most of my readers know that how important experience is. For that, thank you and see you guys on my next entry.



  1. Amirul,

    I do agree with you that sometimes a person won't appreciate what he or she has in life until he or she lost it. As or you, appreciate what you'll have surrounds you and people will appreciate you. You such a polite gentleman and I personally like you. Keep up a good work.

  2. hello amighol,
    well, yeah no matter bad or worst or hard life is, u have to appreciate it. (parents is part of life) because, u dont know how hard they've raised you kan? and yeah different people with different perceptions and experiences. i believe, everything about your past, u should not regret, no matter how disaster ke apa, because, itu lah experience sebenarnya. And, through out experience, u learn. so keep learning, dont stop. we've go a longgg wayyyy to gooooo... take care happy writting.

  3. dear mirul,

    i agreed with you, experience is the best teacher. people should appreciate their parents. i lost my dad when i was 18 days but to be honest i miss him a lot.he never raise me but i do appreciate him.

    whatever it is, life is moving..our journey is just begin..

    now,lets give the best for us together and rock the world..

    happy blogging =))

  4. yes mirul,

    we need to appreciate our parents.. however, whoever raised us, we also have to appreciate them..without them, we cannot get through all the experience and achieve the happiness like what we have now..

    so, enjoy your life..keep on sharing your experience and keep on blogging =)

  5. i love you mirul :(

    oh well firstly i have to say emotional blog you have over here and indeed, there are more things i don't know about you. surprised as i seem but interesting post it is :D

  6. Ahlan wasahlan ya Amirul. yes,life is not easy as we think..hope we can be tough enough to obey with the life circles..any obstacles and circumtances that we are facing now will not always be the same in a future..just be prepare.. ~sayonara~

  7. Dear Friend,

    Yes, you don't have to taste the doughnut to know it's sweet. Therefore, despite your own experience, others' experience can be your guidance too. You look to me as though you are mature than some people your age and that is compliment! Just live your life to the fullest and never let anyone stand in your way!