Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Have you ever feel uncomfortable with your face skin? Does it produce oilier day by day? Tired of using product that is not effective enough for your skin? I have solution for you. MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN CHARCOAL FACE WASH, FACIAL SCRUB and MOISTURE VEIL could help you. This product offers total clean of your face skin, leave it moisture, fresh and no oilier skin. This product is especially formulated for men that live a very active and busy life. This product is essential for every men out there who want a clean and refreshing face skin.

This products promise that in two weeks, you will have very clean, refreshing and free oil for your face skin. In fact, these products are suitable for normal to oily skin. MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN CHARCOAL FACE WASH uses charcoal that effectively absorbs excessive oil, sebum, and clear dirt in pores. Besides that, it also contains Cypress Tree Essence which helps to moisturize and retain skin moisture and it suitable for normal to oily skin.

While MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN FACIAL SCRUB contains Fine Walnut Shell helps clear away build-up dirt in pores and remove dead skin cells. It also enriched with moisturizing agents and Vitamin E, leaving your skin moisturized and soft. Besides that, it works on deep cleansing and refreshing.

After you use the facial scrub, use MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN MOISTURE VEIL that contains Natural Soybean Phospholipids that act as effective antioxidants keeping skin young and healthy. It also contains natural moisturizing agents; Squalene and Macadamia Nut Oil that help maintain softer and smoother skin for your skin. The Chamomile extract in this product helps your sooth sensitive and rough skin.

As for my experience by using this product, it actually works and I really feel confident after using it. Even though there is a lot more product out there that is same effective as this products, but, I guarantee that after you’ve had your first try on it, you’ll be amazed on what this product can assure you.

You can make these products by your own as the products offers reasonable price and give an effective outcome for the users. Although the products take such a long time like 2 weeks to see the outcome, but still the product is valuable and give satisfaction to the users.

In summary, I really believe that these products could change and give you a new perspective in life. Why do I say so? Once you have a very clean, refreshing and beautiful face skin, you were able to do anything to achieve your dream no matter what obstacles or circumstances that waiting for you. Do not wait any longer, try and believe it!


  1. You are such a metro sexual guy...Great!!

  2. haha thanks darlin. i am one of them. that is me since the beginning. :)

  3. Great review its always interesting to see other options thanks xx.. hair removal, microdermabrasion